Wellness Programmes at Waterford Kamhlaba

The Wellness Programmes at Waterford Kamhlaba seeks to empower students to make healthy choices through educational activities, strong relationships with adults and ultimately appealing young adult to think and discuss before they act.

The Peer Supporters

How to Get Help?

Tutors: All students are assigned tutors, who work as the first official point of contact for them. The tutor aims to find a balance between supporting and challenging students.

Tutors get to know students as individuals, establishing a rapport with them which encourages them to seek help and support where needed. In addition, tutors are responsible for any disciplinary action required. Tutor groups meet weekly, in timetabled slots.

The Residence Staff: The staff who work in residence in the school are there to offer support to the students. There is always at least one staff member on duty to assist with anything, and the Heads and Deputy Heads of residence are a crucial part of student life at Waterford for boarders. Residential life can be challenging, and we encourage students to communicate with staff if they are feeling unwell or unhappy and need some support.

The School Nurse: The school nurse, Nomvula Mavuso, is the first point of call for any physical healthcare related concern. As a registered healthcare professional, the nurse is able to provide basic primary health care, including psychiatric care, and make decisions regarding any necessary referrals. In addition to the daily service that is offered on campus by Sister Nomvula Mavuso, a doctor visits campus once a week and bookings can be made to see her. Various doctors at the Mbabane Clinic are available to see students at other times. All bookings and queries for medical assistance must be made through Sister Nomvula.

The School Counsellor: The school counsellor, Carla Cabrita, is a trained professional, who is well-equipped to provide individual and group therapy sessions across all school years. Her focus is on optimising functioning in terms of human development, and in areas of learning. She is committed to providing support for students both in terms of their emotional and educational lives.

The Peer Supporters: This is a specially selected team of IB1 students. These students are selected to provide support of their fellow students from midway through their IB1 year, to midway through their IB2 year. These students are allocated an age group (except for a few students who are allocated all the day students, regardless of age) which will fall under their care. This care is proactive (in the form of weekly meetings with their groups, where games/activities/workshops may be offered) and responsive, where they provide a safe place should any of their allocated students wish to have some face-time.

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