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Waterford Kamhlaba’s Nyatsela 21-Day Walk

What is Nyatsela?

Nyatsela (a siSwati verb meaning “to make a footprint”) is a 21-day walk around Eswatini. The whole Form 3 cohort, divided into six groups each with  13 students and three adults, sets off from the College on a rite of passage that will see them return three weeks later as a more well-rounded version of themselves.

They will walk 5-15km every day, passing through the beautiful landscape of Eswatini, and stay in camp-sites, at homesteads and in school classrooms where they will meet their hosts, cook their meals, wash their clothes and put up their tents if necessary.

They learn how to get on with the people in their group, to be resourceful in solving the situations they encounter along the way, to develop skills and behaviours that are crucial for learning in the “university of life” and to leave a light footprint on the earth by living simply. Their backpacks contain everything they will use for the next three weeks (one change of clothing, toiletries, gas stove, cooking pot and enough food to last until the next food-drop).

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1. FAQ - background-2020

2. FAQ - compulsory-2020

3. FAQ - educational value-2020

4. FAQ - hygiene-2020

5. FAQ - raft-2020

6. FAQ - safety-2020

7. FAQ - training-2020

8. FAQ - UWC and IB values-2020

9. FAQ - what if someone is scared-2020

10. FAQ - why three weeks-2020

Communication with Parents and Students 2020


  1. Survey about alternatives to Nyatsela
  2. feedback from Nyatsela survey


  1. Letter 1 about Nyatselanyana
  2. Nyatselanyana Preparations
  3. Packing list for Nyatsela
  4. Details of Nyatselanyana for whole form
  5. 2020-10-03 Commitment to Nyatselanyana
  6. 2020-10-07 Covid safety on Nyatselanyana
  7. 2020-10-14 - What to do with the 12 days at the end of term
  8. Nyatselanyana presentation to Form 3 parents 2020-10-28
  9. Nyatselanyana Meeting Form 3s 2020-10-28
  10. 2020-10-21 - Invitation to Zoom information evening
  11. My Adventure - alternatives to Nyatselanyana
  12. Letters on Nyatselanyana
  13. First Update from Nyatselanyana 2020(Days 1 & 2)
  14. Second Update from Nyatselanyana 2020(Days 3 & 4)
  15. Report 3 on Nyatselanyana 2020-11-23
  16. Feedback from students and parents on Nyatselanyana 2020

Form 2 - Nyatsela 2021

  1. 2020-11-04 Nyatsela Report Back and Packing List
  2. Nyatsela Presentation to Form 2 Parents 2020
  3. Nyatsela Introduction to Form 2s 2020-10-06

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