Waterford Kamhlaba Staff

Academic Staff

Academic staff teach students and enhance the learning environment through instruction, research, and service that support WK’s mission. They spend time with our students on a daily basis in classrooms, tutor groups, sporting activities, societies, community service and other projects, helping the students discover their potential and ensuring that they become the best that they can be. WK academic staff members do more than just teaching inside the classroom; they play a huge role in the overall development of the students within the community.

Administration Staff

The administration staff helps to ensure all of the non-academic, and even some of the academic, elements of school life get taken care of. Whether you need help printing, are picking up your pocket money, getting copies of your transcripts, checking a book out of the library, booking an appointment with the Principal or wanting advice on university applications, these are the people who will help you navigate your way through the WK process.


Capitol Caterers

The Capitol Caterers team keeps us healthy, happy and fed. They have hundreds of mouths to feed, several times a day. They are an integral part of our community and WK is grateful for each and every person on this team.

Sport Coaching Staff

Like our academic staff, the coaching staff is here to help you learn and grow in a sport, whether you are a beginner or someone who has been doing that sport for many years. Guided by our sporting philosophy, they will make the sport fun, engaging, and competitive, to meet the needs of all our students.


Need to get to town, taking the bus to school, or heading to a community service project, then these are your guys! We thank them for taking the safety of WK students seriously and for getting us where we need to be, and on time! They also take care of the termly trips to O.R.Tambo airport in Johannesburg for those students that return home for the holidays.


We all do our part in keeping our campus clean, litter free, and welcoming. The housekeeping team will take care of the rest; the regular communal cleaning. They are the smiling faces you get to see in the hallways of the hostels, in the classroom block, and elsewhere on campus.


Whether it is turning back-on the electricity, repairing a road or mowing the field, this team keeps WK running and looking beautiful. We are thankful for the long hours and last minute requests they fulfil.


Pastoral Staff

Being away from home can be tough, academic pressures can be overwhelming, or sometimes you just need a cup of tea and listening ears. That’s is what this team is here to do, because Waterford wants to provide the support needed to the students so they are able to achieve their goals in the best possible way.

Security Staff

No, they are not there to keep lions out! This team makes sure we know everyone that comes on and goes off campus. We are a large community, with many visitors, so they have their hands full. We are grateful for their vigilance and hard work.


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