Waterford Kamhlaba’s Education programme is specifically designed to produce graduates who are global citizens and who can make a positive impact on the world. Students are selected on the basis of both academic excellence and extra-curricular potential, with scholarship support vital to ensuring that the opportunity extends to those who would not otherwise be able to attend. The academic programme is rigorous, building on UWC’s pioneering role in creating the International Baccalaureate in order to establish a curriculum which rewards academic and societal excellence in equal measure.

American philanthropist Shelby DavisAmerican philanthropist Shelby Davis

Waterford Kamhlaba is one of Africa’s top schools, with students obtaining an average of 34 points in their International Baccalaureate exams, a number that equates to more than four A grades at A Levels in the UK.

Every single student that graduates from Waterford at the IB level can obtain a scholarship to attend one of 90 universities in the US, including Harvard and Princeton, although many prefer to take up places around the world, including Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. A third of students at Waterford receive scholarships, without which they would not be able to attend our school and in most instances would not go on to tertiary education. Of those studying for the International Baccalaureate, 50% receive scholarships. For many, Waterford represents their best, and only opportunity to escape the poverty and conflict across much of Africa today. Our programme gives our students the skills needed to unlock the many opportunities that await them in the world.

Universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge recognize the intellectual, social and ethical qualities that a UWC Education gives and have provided numerous scholarships to Waterford graduates.

Through the generosity of American philanthropist Shelby Davis, students of limited financial means are able to attend US universities on full scholarships. More details can be found on Mr Davis’ website at A Waterford Kamhlaba education therefore unlocks access to tertiary education without cost for our most disadvantaged students.

Please find below details of university offers for Waterford graduates in recent years:

Class of 2021 University Destinations

Class of 2020 University Destinations

Class of 2019 University destinations

Class of 2018 university destinations

Class of 2017 university destinations

Class of 2016 university destinations

Class of 2015 university destinations

Class of 2014 university destinations

You can also view the school profile for university admission officers below:

Latest WK School Profile

To learn about our alumni and their achievements, you can also visit Alumni Profiles on our alumni page.

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