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Lindiwe Dlamini (Swaziland, WK 97-03)

What years did you attend Waterford Kamhlaba? (What forms/year group?)

Form 1 – IB2, 1997-2003


Please tell us what you have done or are doing at the moment? (e.g. what you studied and what field you are currently working in)

I studied BsocSci in Social Work from 2004-2006. I then went on to study Bhon in Social Policy and Management in 2007. Both qualifications were obtained at UCT. In 2007 I also started working at UCT in the Faculty of Health Sciences as a small group facilitator in different first year courses. I did this until I was appointed as a Deputy Course Convener for two first year courses offered called ‘Becoming a Professional’ and ‘Becoming a Health Professional’. In 2015 I left UCT to return home to Swaziland and work at Waterford Kamhlaba as a Deputy Head of Emhlabeni Residence. In 2016 I was appointed as the Head of Emhlabeni residence. I am also a trustee of the WK Stokvel which aims to raise funds for Swazi students to obtain world-class education by attending Waterford Kamhlaba.


Could you tell us what inspired you to pursue your career path.

I feel like my career path chose me from the moment I registered for first year Social Work at UCT. I arrived at UCT and didn’t know what I wanted to study. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to study something within the Humanities faculty. I opened the Faculty handbook and started to read through the different programs offered. My eyes fell on Social Work and I never looked back.


In 2006, I was nearing the end of my first degree and wanted to start working part time while studying towards my Honours degree the following year. The post of small group facilitator was being advertised in my department. I saw the advert and said to myself, “why not? I have nothing to lose. The worst thing they can say is no.” At that point I didn’t realise that I would work in that department for the next 8.5 years.


Did Waterford in any way play a role in your career path choice?



If yes: then what has that role been.

Yes. Waterford has always been unique in its success in instilling the power and necessity of service to its students and staff. It also created a safe environment for students to be able to develop and improve on leadership and team work skills. As students we were taught and were able to teach each other. I think all of this propelled me into my current career path.


What advice would you have for aspiring students who would want to be involved in similar areas of expertise?

I would encourage aspiring students to not limit themselves by viewing their careers through traditional lenses. Students shouldn’t be afraid to choose combinations in university that are atypical. Take this time to explore your passions and dreams. Education requires a heart of service and a consistent drive to do and be better. If you have that, then you are off to a great start!


Do you have any fond memories of Waterford? Could you possibly share one with us and could we also ask you to send us one or two pictures of your time at WK?

I have so many fond memories of Waterford. The most special times shared were spontaneous moments with friends and classmates. We loved to laugh! I have quite a few memories of eating bread, fruit, or noodles in each other’s cubies during prep time. Too often, prep time was used as our social time!


Most embarrassing moment at Waterford?

I was quite clumsy while growing up. So I fell in the most insane ways possible especially in front of other students.


WK crush?

Maybe I shouldn’t answer this one J

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

So many amazing songs! I can’t pick one J

Who was in your WK #squad (friend group)?

Neda Samimi, Rachel and Leah Mgeni, Laurenn Calvo, Nondumiso Qwabe


Favourite teacher/Most hilarious teacher?

Mrs Earnshaw, Make Dlamini, Mr Opium, Mr da Silva

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