From a former student: February 2017

Dear Mr. Lowry,

I am an IB 3 student who has just enrolled at the University of Pretoria to study medicine. I would like to pass forth my gratitude. The school has helped me tremendously in terms of helping me get into the university and get to register on time.

Going to Waterford has greatly benefited me. I now think outside the box and my process of thinking is now more analytical and critical. I do not only accept what people tell me. I also inquire on about it but not forgetting to accommodate other people’s opinion. I learnt all of this from the values instilled in us by the members of the WK community. Being at the school has made me more aware of the world around me and to accept differences in terms of cultures and people’s backgrounds. I have the teachers and WK staff to thank for this. These are the sort of traits one needs in the world we live in. Being at a UWC has made me a well-rounded person. Although the teachers seemed to be battering us with endless assignments and showed a bit of tough love, I see now that it was for the better. Being at university and doing courses that I did in IB, has made me believe that my first year experience will be less daunting because I remember what they taught me. Their constant pushing and drilling of information and work made sure that I always have this knowledge. Thank you for providing an excellent team of teachers.

I would like to particularly mention how the Admissions department helped me through all of these applications to South Africa and the US. I worked closely with the Admissions department during my last year of IB. It always went the extra mile to assist me with my applications. It never grew tired of helping me and I say this because I have been to the office countless of times just to clarify matters regarding my application. The officers took time to explain the nitty gritty details without being irritable with me. Even when they could just see that I did not read the University guide book thoroughly, they never showed any hint of irritation. They were always polite and very informative.

Not only did they help me with applications, they also helped with uploading my extended essay and internal assessments. They made sure to hunt me down if anything was missing or wanted me to double check my assignment. Their work ethic is truly amazing. They do work with such care; ensuring that WK students university things are done with great precision.

I would like to thank the school for helping me get into UP. I had problems with the University not quite understanding the IB program. I called the school on numerous times to ask for help and the University would receive all the documentation required the next day as I had asked.

I just want to thank the school for everything because if it was not for its patience and thoughtfulness, I might not be at the University.

I would like to thank the staff for all the hard work they have put in to make WK a wonderful community.

Kind regards