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Newsletter 18/2018

22 June, 2018

I noticed some of our students picking flowers from outside my office today and then many wandering about with flowers in their hair. It seems today is celebrated in Sweden as mid-summer’s day. Yesterday being the summer solstice for our families living in the North and of course the Winter solstice for us in the southern hemisphere. We have had a few cold snaps but this week has seen our temperatures climb as high as 25 C – I am sure those who experience a northern hemisphere winter are very envious of our winters. Anyway, Happy Summer solstice to all those in the north and for the rest of us, it is now downhill to summer.

 “Scrambling for Africa" - your chance to see it before it goes to The National Arts Fringe Festival 

Tonight, at 7pm in the assembly hall, there will be a performance of "Scrambling for Africa", a satirical piece about the Berlin Conference where Africa was divided up between seven European powers in 1884. The piece was created by Pippa Davies and the cast, and was initially performed at last year's UWC Africa Week. It has been expanded on in order to take it to the Festival in Grahamstown.

There is no charge but we ask that people make a donation of what they can at the door in aid of the Siphesihle Foundation which is based in Big Bend. The performance is approximately 45 minutes long. Parents are also welcome to participate.

 Africa Week

Sunday marked the end of this year’s UWC Africa Week, a student led interdisciplinary forum on African issues. As usual, the event brought together economists, captains of industry, leaders of regional organizations, artists, academics and the students and staff of Waterford Kamhlaba. The week’s opening speech, given by the head of the Africa Week team, Simon Lowry (IB2), encapsulated the essence of the event. It has been uploaded to our website:


There were panel forums, a music concert, a fashion show, a film screening and various workshops as part of the celebrations. This year we were also graced by H.E. Graca Machel who delivered an inspirational keynote address on Saturday. For more information, please click on the link:


I want to thank all the students, staff, guests, parents and alumni who made it possible for UWC Africa to be such a huge success. Thank you.

 SRC Elections

It is time for the current SRC to stand down and this week the students have voted for the new members of the SRC. During assembly on Wednesday, the candidates delivered their campaign speeches; it was exciting to listen to the student campaign. The SRC is the highest level of student governance within the school. Their duties include organizing school events, reporting student grievances to school management and providing a medium of communication between students and staff.

 Parents’ Evening

All parents are invited to the Parents’ Evening on Thursday the 28th of June 2018. This is an opportunity to catch up with your child’s teachers and to have a discussion about any concerns you may have. Parents are also welcome to contact individual teachers via email if it is not convenient to come to the Parents’ Evening.  Teachers will be available from 4.30pm to 6.00pm to meet parents.

 From the PSA

The Parents and Staff Association (PSA) would like to invite you to the Annual General Meeting of the Association on the 28th June 2018. The AGM will start at 4pm before the parents evening. 


1. PSA work 2017-18 review - Mrs. Uzan-Tidhar

2. PSA expenditures- Mrs. Gomes

3. Link Families - Open discussion

4. Principal talk – Mr. Lowry

IB1 Geography Field Trip to Durban

The Geography department is taking the IB1 Geography students on a field trip to the KwaZulu Natal Coastline, South Africa, for their Internal Assessment coursework, in partial fulfillment of their IB Diploma course requirements. Fieldwork is an integral part of the IB Diploma Programme Geography course and Oceans and their Coastal Margins is one of our selected options. The coursework accounts for 25% of the final IB Diploma Geography grade.

The dates of the visit are Wednesday 4th July to Sunday 8th July 2018. Please feel free to contact Mr. Polycarp Wekesa if you have any questions. His email address is polycarp.wekesa@waterford.sz 

 Kamhlaba Day

Kamhlaba Day is just a few weeks away; on the 14th of July. The day will be a showcase celebration of art, music and food. The day will start at 12:00 and end at 17:00, giving students plenty to do and experience.  It promises to be an exciting day full of fun for the whole community.

We kindly request parents to support this event through sponsoring cakes, bread, pastries and any other treats for our school café on the day.

We are also looking for some parents to volunteer to help with gate duty on an hourly shift basis and also to help us collect vouchers. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Mrs Fiona Mills at communityservice@waterford.sz 

 2018 Phoenix Fund

Once again, let me express our sincere appreciation to the members of the Waterford Kamhlaba community: parents, students, GC and staff for making donations to the 2018 Phoenix Fund. We are getting there.

Currently we have raised E97, 092, which is fantastic! We are closer to reaching our target of E100 000 which will go towards: 4 new drinking fountains, replacing plastic cafeteria cups, buying new cutlery and placing heaters in the classrooms. I kindly ask parents to continue helping us in achieving this goal. Parents can donate either in cash through giving to their children or by using any of the methods mentioned on our website https://www.waterford.sz/contribute/how/index.php

Mid-term Break

Next week is mid-term break. The break will start on Friday 29th June until Tuesday 3rd July. Buses will leave Waterford campus at 06:15am on Friday the 29th June.

Waterford Travel Links: Mid-term 2

Please note that the links below are on the school website and on the intranet! Travel links will close on Monday 25 June 2018 at 8am.

Transport To and From Johannesburg:


•             Departs Waterford on Friday 29 June at 6.15am and 8.15am

•             Arrives at OR Tambo at 11.30am and 13.30pm respectively

•             Returns on Tuesday 3 July departing Park Station, Eastgate and OR Tambo

•             The 8.15am bus will only be confirmed if there is a high enough demand

Transport To and From Maputo:


•             Departs from Waterford on Friday 29 June at 8.00am

•             Arrives in central Maputo at mid-afternoon (traffic dependent)

•             Returns on Tuesday 3 July departing MIS at 12 noon

Transport To and From Maseru:

•             School transport only provided at the end and beginning of terms

Transport To and From King Mswati III (SIKHUPE) Airport


•             School transport will leave from the Main Gate at least 45min – 1hr before the shuttle departs from Mbabane

•             Airport shuttle depart Mbabane at 5am, 8am, 11am and 2pm

•             On return the shuttle will drop college students directly at Waterford.

Sporting Activities

Volleyball and Netball: tomorrow we are hosting about 20 schools who will be participating in volleyball and netball tournaments here on Waterford campus. We wish our teams the best of luck.

 Reminder of important dates:

        Thursday 28th June – Parent’s Evening from 16:30 to 18:00

        Thursday 28th June – PSA AGM at 16:00

        Friday 29th June – Tuesday 3rd July – Mid-Term Break

        Saturday 14th July  - Kamhlaba Day

        Friday-Saturday 13th – 14th July – Visual Arts Exhibition

        Wednesday 25th July – Careers Fair

        Friday 10th August – School Closes, buses depart for Johannesburg

 Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.szIf the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

 Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


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