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Newsletter 17/2018

15 June, 2018

UWC Africa Week

This year’s UWC Africa Week has once again lived up to the expectations, with exciting performances and engaging panel forums. This morning’s assembly was a clear demonstration of the great level this annual event has reached. We had amazing performances by our students before the two panel forums. UWC Africa Week is a student led interdisciplinary forum on African issues. The event brings together economists, captains of industry, leaders of regional organizations, artists, academics and the students and staff of Waterford Kamhlaba. The 2018 UWC Africa Week theme, Africa Unbound, examines the relationship between Africa and the world within the context of changing geopolitical dynamics, and explores how Africa can reposition itself in relation to these dynamics.

I thank all the panelists, guests, students, alumni, parents and staff for making this event a success. Tomorrow we will have a music forum and a keynote address by H.E. Graca Machel. For more details, please go to the UWC Africa Weekprogramme.

You can also have a look at the event’s website.


Aurora Humanitarian Prize for UWC Colleges

Last weekend a team from Waterford Kamhlaba had the privilege of presenting their community service project, Mpaka Peers, to a group of esteemed humanitarians and dignitaries in Yerevan, Armenia. We had been selected as one of the 3 finalist teams from among all the UWC College proposals submitted for the Aurora Humanitarian Prize for UWC Colleges.

Ella Rockart (IB2) and Ronja Karvinen (IB 2) were the presenting team in Yerevan, supported by a large team of Mpaka peers at school. The project was very well presented by the students who spoke with energy, passion and commitment about the work they are doing and would like to do in the future. The other finalists were UWC Changshu China and UWC Mahindra College, India. All 3 teams had extremely worthy and fascinating projects and after some deliberation UWC Changshu was declared as the winning team. However, with that announcement came the exciting news that both Waterford Kamhlaba and Mahindra College had been given an anonymous donation of $4000 which is the same amount as the winning prize. The money they have won will enable them to implement their project at Mpaka Refugee camp.

It was both a humbling and inspiring experience seeing the work of so many humanitarians. We are proud of the students and hope that they continue to be inspired to make a difference. The keynote speaker at this event Umra Omar, a UWC alumnus from Atlantic College said, “the UWC ‘make a difference bug’ has long term side effects and that she hoped these side effects turn the students into warriors of justice.” We too hope that all our students strive to make a difference in the world they are facing as adults and become warriors of justice. 

For more information and pictures on the Aurora Humanitarian Prize for UWC Colleges, click here.


Interim Staff

Owing to unforeseen factors we have had to make some interim contingency plans for teaching in the Science Department. Mr Simon Ramsay, who is taking over from Mrs Albina Owuor (leaving mid-term) is unable to join us until the start of Term 3 and Mr Joseph Sibanda has been diagnosed with an illness which will require treatment over a period of months necessitating his being intermittently out of school. Of course, our first priority must be that the learning of our students is not adversely affected and every effort has been made to ensure that teaching and learning will continue without interruption at the necessary pace and to the required standard. Mrs Sindhu Clark (HOD Science) has considered the needs of the Department, adjusted the distribution of teachers as needed and will be personally overseeing the teaching and learning in those classes affected. Members of the Science Department will be assisting by picking up classes where possible while stand-in graduates will assist with tutoring and teaching under the guidance of the relevantly qualified teacher in the Department as and where necessary. I am confident that with Mrs Clark’s leadership, this unavoidable situation will be well managed and that no student’s learning and progress will be compromised. I’d like to thank Mrs Clark in particular and the Science Department as a whole for the professional and compassionate response. It is always humbling and inspiring when, at Waterford, our community comes together to support each other and to ensure the very best for every one of our students.



I kindly request parents to please make sure you get your children to their pick up points on time. Please do not phone the drivers and ask them to wait for you when you are late. The drivers have been instructed to leave all pick up points on time and not to answer their phones. Furthermore, please do not make the bus driver pull over at unauthorized places; this puts the students in danger and it is against our policy. Also, kindly remind your children to always put their seat belts on. If you are travelling on the Waterford hill please give way to the buses as they require both lanes to get around the corners. Thank you for your cooperation, all of these practices are for the safety of the students and drivers.


"Scrambling for Africa" - your chance to see it before it goes to The National Arts Fringe Festival 

Next Friday the 22nd of June 2018, at 7pm in the assembly hall, there will be a performance of "Scrambling for Africa", a satirical piece about the Berlin Conference where Africa was divided up between seven European powers in 1884. The piece was created by Pippa Davies and the cast, and was initially performed at last year's UWC Africa Week. It has been expanded in order to take it to the Festival in Grahamstown.

There is no charge but we ask that people make a donation of what they can at the door in aid of the Siphesihle Foundation which is based in Big Bend. The performance is approximately 45 minutes long. Parents are also welcome to participate.


Interschool Friendly Debate

As part of the Africa Week program we are hosting an inter-schools’ friendly debate tomorrow starting at 09:15am. In line with the Africa Week theme, the prepared motion for the debate is as follows: DICTATORSHIP IS A BETTER FORM OF GOVERNMENT THAN DEMOCRACY IN AFRICAN STATES. All are welcome to watch.


2018 Scholarship applications - Current

Applications for Scholarships have to be completed every year. If your child is a current scholarship recipient please ensure he/she collects an application form from Ms Fraser before the mid-term break. If completed forms are not returned after the mid-term break, a scholarship for 2019 will not be granted. This does not apply to new scholarship applications.


From the PSA

Waterford’s Parents-Staff Association (PSA) is the representative body of the parents and staff at school. Naturally it is reliant on local parents' participation. However, our team would like you to know that it represents the vast majority of parents and guardian community - and to best do that, we need your feedback, suggestions and ideas. We therefore kindly ask you to please help us by filling in this short survey. The PSA deals with general issues that concern students and teachers at school. We ask that you reflect on those in your answers. To participate in the survey, please click here


Thanks to the PSA

I would like to thank the PSA for their generosity in providing us with the Chess Pieces for our Chess floor in the school academic square. The students are making very good use of them.


2019 Calendar

The 2019 calendar has been uploaded on the school website. Please have a look.


University Visits

Our next university visit will be on Wednesday the 20th of June. St. Lawrence will be visiting.


2018 Phoenix Fund: We are getting there!

We are extremely grateful to parents, students, GC members and staff for the kind Phoenix Fund donations which are helping us get closer to reaching the target of E 100,000 for the projects selected: 4 new drinking fountains, replacing plastic cafeteria cups, buying new cutlery and placing heaters in the classrooms. The amount raised so far is E96, 497! I kindly ask parents to continue supporting the campaign. A gift of E500 from each and every parent will go a long way towards realizing our goal. Of course, we welcome any donation you can make, depending on what your situation allows. Parents can donate either in cash through giving to their children or by using any of the methods mentioned on our website.



We once again remind you that fees for Term 2 should have been settled. There are numerous cases where fees for Term 1 still have not been settled. These students could be asked to leave soon, so please contact the Bursar or Tricia Fraser to discuss the situation. We rely on prompt and full payment to enable us to keep the school functioning efficiently and when fees are not paid for services already rendered to your child, (tutoring, boarding etc.) it puts a huge strain on our resources. Our Policy clearly states fees are to be paid at the beginning of the term; however we try to accommodate parents through payment-plans, but expect them to be adhered to. Please ensure that a Proof of Payment is sent to us when transfers are made into our account. We encourage parents to keep their accounts up to date and ensure fees for the term are cleared by or before the end of the term. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Sporting Activities

Soccer: The soccer tournament that was scheduled for today, Friday, June 15th at Sacred Heart in Johannesburg has been postponed. Further information will be communicated to you.


Reminder of important dates:

        Wednesday 13th – Sunday 17th June – UWC Africa Week

        Thursday 28th June – Parent’s Evening

        Friday 29th June – Tuesday 3rd July – Mid-Term Break

        Saturday 14th July  - Kamhlaba Day

        Friday-Saturday 13th – 14th July – Visual Arts Exhibition

        Wednesday 25th July – Careers Fair

        Friday 10th August – School Closes, buses depart for Johannesburg


Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.sz  If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


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