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Newsletter 15/2018

1 June, 2018

RIP: Isaac de Almeida

It is now a week since the tragic passing of Isaac. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many in this community who have sent messages of support, either directly to me by email or through postings on our various social media. Death is always a shock to all, especially of a youngster of 18. All in our community are keenly aware of this tragedy. Thank-you for your support. And please forgive me for not replying more personally to the messages – there are just too many.

Isaac’s mother and aunt arrived in JHB on Tuesday and I have spent much of my time assisting the family with arrangements for the repatriation of the remains to Angola. I have had invaluable assistance from the vice-consul of the Johannesburg consulate of Angola, who also made an interpreter available to me, as neither family member speaks English. We could not have managed what had to be done without the services of this interpreter. Thank-you to them. While in Johannesburg I also had a call from the Federation of Angolan women offering assistance.

Yesterday we came on here to Swaziland so the family could visit Isaac’s school. Again we were very ably assisted by the Swazi authorities as we arrived at the border without the necessary visas. After a few phone calls arrangements were made for the visas to be issued in town, allowing the family to come on to the school. It is tremendous to be in a country whose authorities are able to make special arrangements to assist us. Once again, much appreciated.

We have planned a memorial service while the family members are still here. It will be held tomorrow (02 June) at 16:30 in the Assembly Hall here at the school.

Fundraising and support: Isaac was a UWC Angolan National Committee (NC) scholarship student here at Waterford and his family come from very modest means. An appeal to assist with funds to help with the repatriation of the remains from South Africa and other funeral expenses has been made through GoFundMe an online crowd funding appeal. A number of people wishing to donate do not have the means to use this mechanism and have asked if there is any other way they can make a donation. Please note that any donations can be made direct to the school in cash or by electronic transfer (please use the reference Isaac Almeida). All funds will be donated to the family for funeral expenses, any excess as a general help to them at this time of need. Please be reassured that as is our custom the College will cover any shortfall if there is one. Please note that the school is liaising with the family and the Angolan NC regarding all arrangements.


2018 Phoenix Fund: We are Nearing Our Target! 

One of the most humbling and encouraging moments at Waterford is when the college’s parents, staff and students come together to realize certain projects. It has really felt great to see the community making such generous and kind donations to this year’s Phoenix Fund.  Your contributions are helping us reach our target of E 100,000. The amount raised so far is E88, 307!! We are nearing the end and we shall soon realize all projects selected: 4 new drinking fountains, replacing plastic cafeteria cups, buying new cutlery and placing heaters in the classrooms. Once again, thank you; this is heartwarming. Through this Fund, Governing Council members, staff and students and current parents come together in a joint effort to further improve life on the campus, by realizing smaller, on campus projects, which are not covered by the school’s annual budget.

I kindly ask parents to continue supporting the campaign. A gift of E500 from each and every parent will go a long way towards realizing our goal. Of course, we welcome any donation you can make, depending on what your situation allows. Parents can donate either in cash through giving to their children or by using any of the methods mentioned on our website. 


Africa Week Workshops - Lower School

For those of you who do not know, Africa Week is in three weeks! The Workshops Committee has been working hard to put together workshops for the entire student body, and we have finished compiling workshops for lower school. We are urging all Form 1, 2, and 3 students to go to this link, fill in the required information, read the descriptions of the workshops we have to offer, and submit the response. 

There is a special prize for the tutor groups who have all their tutees signed up for workshops by next week Wednesday 6th June (this is the deadline for all lower school students to sign up). Students who do not sign up will be placed in any of the workshops. Please take time to read through the Google document and submit your responses, the Workshops Committee will ensure that wherever you do end up you will engage in intellectually stimulating conversations and leave each workshop feeling satisfied.


Form 3 Love Matters

The Form 3 Love Matters session started on Tuesday afternoon and ended earlier today.  It was a very successful informative week for the students. Please read more.


May Alumni Newsletter

Waterford is one big family, with over 6000 alumni spread all over the world. These alumni have all experienced the beauty of our campus. In this month’s edition of the Alumni Newsletter we have invited our alumni to share their memories of Waterford campus. I would like to thank the alumni who have started to share their memories of the campus. Read more from the newsletter.


Kamhlaba Day – Please Save the Date

This term we will be hosting the first ever Kamhlaba Day. This event will be a showcase celebration of art, music and food. There will be plenty to do and experience as the Waterford community comes together to raise money for our community service programme.  Kamhlaba Day will be held on the 14th July from 12 until 5pm. It promises to be an exciting day full of fun for the whole family.


Form 5 Mock Art Exam

The form 5 mock art exam will be held next Tuesday the 5th of June 2018, starting at 8 am.


University Visits

Next week Tuesday and Wednesday we will be visited by Luther and Colorado colleges respectively. The presentations will take place at Emhlabeni hostel; starting at 7pm. Parents are invited to participate.


Entrance Testing for Admission in 2019

Our final round of entrance testing is on Saturday June 9th at 9am at the VIP Hotel in Maputo. For any information on entrance testing and/or admissions, please contact the Director of Admissions at careers@waterford.sz


Sporting Activities

Debate: There will be a regional debating competition at Waterford tomorrow starting at 8am.

Hockey: Our under 20 boys and girls will participate in a hockey festival to take place on the Waterford campus tomorrow, starting at 9am.

We wish our teams the best of luck.


Reminder: Important dates:

        Saturday  9th June – Regional Entrance Testing in Maputo

        Wednesday 13th – Sunday 17th June – UWC Africa Week

        Friday 29th June – Tuesday 3rd July – Mid-Term Break

        Kamhlaba Day – Saturday 14th July

        Wednesday 25th July – Careers Fair

        Saturday 14th July  - Kamhlaba Day

        Friday 10th August – School Closes, buses departs for Johannesburg


Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.sz  If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


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