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Newsletter 4/2018

16 February, 2018

UWC International Board Meeting

Next week we host the UWC International Board meeting. The meeting will take place at Waterford starting on Friday afternoon and ending on Saturday. Aside from the meeting, board members will get a chance to have a campus tour and participate in classes. We will have a Musical / Cultural event on the evening of February 23rd, to which all parents and guardians are invited to. Please join me as I give them a warm Swazi welcome to Waterford Kamhlaba.


Waterford's 55th Anniversary Initiatives

This week, an email went out to the Waterford alumni community to inform them about the various 55th anniversary initiatives taking place this year. There will be reunions held in Germany, Swaziland and the USA; we also announced the plan to renovate and refurbish Ekukhuleni Hostel. We invite the alumni community (and former and current parents), and anyone who wants to support us, to donate toward this campaign. If you would like to read more, please click here.


Change in Times for the 5.20pm Buses

A significant number of day students involved in afternoon activities have approached the SRC and management about investigating the possibility of changing the departure time of the late afternoon bus. They felt that they often have to leave activity sessions early, as these continue until 5.45pm because residential supper times are now later. The SRC have investigated and then approached management to trial a later departure time.

Please be informed that as of Monday, 26th of February, the 5.20pm buses to Mbabane suburbs and town will depart the college at 5.45pm (25 minutes later). We invite direct constructive feedback from students and parents regarding the consequences of making this change, to Mr. King via email to donovan.king@waterford.sz

Please note that the earlier bus times, including the Ezulwini bus is not affected by this change. This request came from students committed to senior activity times. Therefore junior students and those not involved in the 4.00pm activity sessions are expected to use the earlier buses. As activities cannot continue until 5.45pm in the dark winter hours, the bus times will revert back to 5.20pm during our winter season.


Parties and Underage Drinking

It is brought to the attention of the school management that a few of our younger students (form 3 upwards) sometimes attend functions at local establishments, including those that serve alcohol. This weekend there is a well-publicized event taking place locally. We thought it prudent to make parents aware of the responsibilities around checking their children out of residences.

Residential heads will ensure that students checking out do so with the correct permission:

  • When students are returning to campus, residential staff will carry out the necessary safety and check-in procedures.
  • In the case of overnight check-outs, students are under the care of their parents or guardians. We would like to inform parents that occasionally, we do receive reports of the excessive consumption of alcohol from some of these underage students. As they are not under the jurisdiction of the College during this time, we always inform their parents / guardians of what is reported to us, leaving them to manage the situation.

We offer some ideas regarding the tricky situation of teenagers and parties:

  • We encourage parents to find out information on where their children are going, particularly if they say that they are sleeping over at a friend’s house.
  • Speak to other adults who are either hosting or transporting your child directly. Try and meet them face to face and do not rely on SMS's or messages.
  • Arrange lifts for your child (or better yet transport your own child): it is risky for children this young to be making use of taxis late at night.
  • Call venues in advance and ask questions about the event and venue. Find out if there is an age restriction and whether or not alcohol will be served.
  • If the venue tells you that it is an under 18 event, ask whether or not there will be adult supervision.
  • Inquire about start and finish times and stick to a suitable curfew time.
  • Do not allow underage children to attend parties / events at a licensed venue, unless there is a responsible adult accompanying them.
  • Be awake (or wake up) to greet your child when they return home.
  • We are committed to keeping your child safe and are willing to assist if this is required.


Scout Troop Hike

Last Saturday the 10th of February 2018, the Waterford Kamhlaba Scout Troop hiked up Sibebe Rock. Read more.


Form 1 Retreat

Yesterday our Form 1 students travelled to Hawane as part of a team building exercise, accompanied by Mrs Van Rensburg, Mr Pontuti and the teacher assistants, Lerato and Thandiswa. It was a successful trip, enjoyed by all. They returned today.


Form 1 Parents/Guardians and Teachers’ Meet and Greet

All Form 1 parents and guardians are invited to meet the Form 1 teachers on Wednesday 21 February at 1:30pm in the Form 1 Classroom Block. This is an opportunity for you to put faces to the names of teachers your children have, no doubt, been talking about! Join us to find out more about what is happening in Form 1 at Waterford.


Admissions for 2019

This week we started advertising our Entrance Testing days for 2019 entry. We know that current parents can be our biggest advocates in encouraging their relatives, friends and colleagues to apply. Thank you for playing this supportive role.


University Visit

Next Wednesday we host our first university visit of the year. UBC from Vancouver will be here to present on tertiary options in Canada. Parents are welcome to attend. The starting time is 7:00 pm at Emhlabeni residence.


Form 5 Parents/Guardians

On Tuesday your child received an application form for the IBDP here in 2019-20. Please discuss this important process with them and feel free to contact Mr. Storer at careers@waterford.sz should you have any questions. The form should be submitted by Friday 9th March.


Entrance Testing for Admission in 2019

Our entrance testing dates and venues are listed below. These dates and times are also available on our website. Please register siblings and spread the word to families and friends. The testing dates are as follows:

  • Saturday March 10th – 8am – WK Campus – for the Forms and IB (including all Swaziland National Committee applicants)
  • Saturday March 17th – 8am – WK Campus – for the Forms only

The Regional Entrance Testing takes place as follows:

  • Saturday May 19th – 9am – Nairobi (Sarova Pan Afric), Dar (Protea Courtyard), Harare (Bronte), Gaborone (Avani).
  • Saturday June 9th – 9am – Maputo – (VIP)

Applicants residing beyond Swaziland can make appointments to test on campus on a mutually convenient weekday by contacting the Director of Admissions at careers@waterford.sz


UWC Alumni Event

UWC Alumni are kindly invited to the inaugural event to be held at the Crowne Plaza, 0A Tyrwhitt. Ave, Rosebank in Johannesburg, South Africa next Wednesday the 21st of February 2018, starting at 18:00 – 21:30. To register for the event, please click here.


Reminder: Important dates:

  • Wednesday 21st February – Form 1 Meet the Teacher
  • Friday 2nd March – Half Term: bus departs WK for JHB at 06.15
  • Tuesday 6th March – Half Term: bus departs OR Tambo, JHB at 14:00
  • Saturday 10th March – Entrance Testing for the Forms and IB (Including Swazi UWC NC selection)
  • Saturday 17th March – Entrance Testing for the Forms only
  • Thursday 29th March (Easter Weekend) – Buses Depart WK for JHB at 06:15
  • Friday 30th March – Holiday (Good Friday)
  • Monday 2nd April – Holiday (Easter Monday); buses return from OR Tambo, JHB at 14:00
  • Wednesday 18th April – School closes
  • Thursday 19th April – WK bus departs for JHB at 06:15


Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.sz  If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


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