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Newsletter 25/2018

10 August, 2018

End of Term 2: Thank you

We have come to the end of another very busy and exciting term, in which all of us: staff, students, teachers, parents, alumni and friends of Waterford have worked incredibly hard to make this such an awesome educational experience for all our students. During the second term, there have been some tremendous highlights (Kamhlaba day, music concerts, sports tournaments, Africa Week including Graca Machel, Love Matters, Aurora Award, Pride Week, the annual Art Exhibition, a number of curriculum, cultural and sports tours, the “Scramble for Africa” performance, the Careers Fair, the Eyeington football tournament, SRC socials, Brave Girl, etc.), which have showcased our students and the work we do with them very well indeed.

Yesterday I told members of staff what I always say – that such events are not possible unless we have a dedicated staff behind the students assisting all the way. Again, there can be no successful events without the incredible support we get from parents, alumni and friends of the school who work hard to add value to our community.

The support we received during this term, including in fundraisers like the 2018 Phoenix Fund, have been greatly appreciated and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents who always come to the fore whenever they are requested to help.

I wish everyone great holidays. As I always do, my appeal to parents is to allow our students enough time to rest and recharge so that they come back refreshed and ready for term 3. The message is simple: let the students rest; sleep, read, eat, exercise, read, sleep, sleep and more sleep. Once again, thank you for making Waterford not just a school but an amazing community. We have downloaded the term 2 report on our website.


Dr. Christof Bosch on Waterford Campus

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter Dr. Christof Bosch and his family arrived on Waterford campus yesterday and got to interact with our students and staff for the better part of the day yesterday. Dr. Bosch is a friend of UWC. He is the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Germany. It has been a pleasure having the Bosch family on campus.

They also participated in the school’s end of term 2 assembly. Read more about the closing assembly.

Energy Monitoring in Nairobi

Between 25th and 28th of July 2018 Mr. Reissmann was in Nairobi to assist with some energy monitoring workshops. The workshops were held at the Starehe girl’s school just outside Nairobi and the Gaitheri Secondary School; about 3 hours drive outside of Nairobi. Both workshops involved showing groups of students and teachers how power monitoring is being implemented at Waterford. This involved a lecture followed by hands on session to set up a basic system. Both schools were left with a basic working power monitoring system. Arrangements were made to set up groups through which students from all three schools- Waterford, Gaitheri and Starehe - could interact and support each other.

As Waterford’s monitoring system is based in the cloud, interested parents and friends of the school are encouraged to take a look at student-constructed website, available from the “Quick Links” on the homepage of the school website. It shows live monitoring of the solar installation, the geyser in a staff house, the cafeteria, and more. The web-page, being a student driven initiative is still very much a work in progress.


BraveGirl Camp 2018

Last year, an initiative called BraveGirl was started by three phenomenal students from Waterford. The aim of the initiative is to bring Swazi teenage girls from schools around Mbabane to engage in discussions surrounding women’s empowerment in an urban Swazi context. The project combines a five night girls’ residency camp, which includes a day-long job shadowing experience, with a preceding training for teachers from those secondary schools and camp counselors. BraveGirl takes a holistic approach to women’s empowerment, moving from a focus on personal goals and health towards the outside context of gender equality in Swaziland. By creating a ‘safe space’ on our campus – away from any social pressures they might feel in their communities – the girls get an opportunity to discuss topics such as university choices, confidence building, and personal healthcare in workshops led by both external volunteers and Waterford students. This year our students will host the second BraveGirl camp from August 13th – 19th. Please join me as I congratulate our students in advance for such a great initiative. Through implementation of such projects our students are demonstrating the best values of the UWC movement – on service and empowerment. We are proud of our students.


Outstanding Books from the Library

We have a large number of students with books outstanding from the library. Please note that from next term we will start charging overdue books to the student’s account. Parents and guardians, please encourage your child, if they have any library books at home, to bring them back to school on the first day of next term. If they have lost a book, they must come and communicate with the librarian as soon as possible.  


To Parents /Guardians – Fees

We appeal to parents to settle outstanding fees. Our policy states that fees are to be paid at the start of the term. We try to assist parents as best we can and will enter into payment plans. However, the fees must be cleared by or before the end of term. To ensure you receive your child’s report for the term and that he/she is not excluded from returning at the start of the new term, please pay all fees fully as soon as possible. As frequently mentioned, we do not carry arrears forward from term to term. Your cooperation and assistance in this is greatly appreciated. If you have any queries please contact the bursar on 24220866, email bursar@waterford.sz  or Tricia Fraser 24220639 pfraser@waterford.sz.


Vacancy: Advancement Director

We have a vacancy for the Director of Advancement. The Director will work collaboratively to develop and implement the school’s advancement strategy. This role includes, inter alia, managing the Advancement Office staff, creating effective communications across a variety of media to enhance relationships with the school's various stakeholders, and overseeing and supporting the school's fundraising efforts. We are asking parents to please disseminate this information for us.  If you or anyone you know is interested please have a look at the detailed job description.


From the PSA: Annual PSA Golf Day  

The Parents-Staff Association requests students, staff, parents and alumni to please save the date for this year’s Annual Golf Day to be held on Sunday 28th October at Nkonyeni Golf Estate, Eswatini.


Sporting Activities

Sporting Cultural Trip: During the first week of school next term (13th September) there will be a sporting cultural trip to Peters in Johannesburg.


Reminder of important dates

        Friday 10th August – School Closes, buses depart for Johannesburg

        Friday 9th November – Form 5 Graduation

        Saturday 17th November – IB2 Graduation


Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.szIf the question is of broad interest, I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


© Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA 2018

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