Why Give

Waterford Kamhlaba’s goal

Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA is a training ground for change-makers. Students come to us with a vision and graduate empowered to make lasting, positive change. Those who have experienced it will tell you it transformed them. Those who support it will tell you about the satisfaction of knowing they helped develop the kind of thoughtful, compassionate leaders the world truly needs. Donations help Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA to work with others to shape a better future.

Transformative Education

We pride ourselves on our pioneering and distinctive educational model; the way students learn, interact with one another and take part in community activities present life-changing tests and personal discovery, which mark the beginning of a lifelong journey. Our scholarship students have been writing to their donors and we want to share some of their thoughts with you. Please click here to read their reflections.

Impact of Giving

Gifts unite people, nations and cultures by allowing us to increase, year on year the number of scholars at the college. Gifts to the college help transform the learning environment

Q and A

Q. How Can Being Uncomfortable Allow You To Do Good And Double Your Money?

A. If ever there was a time to give to Waterford, this is it! The need is great and the opportunity to have your gift doubled is an opportunity you cannot miss. We know that this topic will make some of you uncomfortable. Some of you will be tempted to tune out and click to something more fun or interesting. But before you do, please read on and see how you can do some real good — and double your contribution at the same time. Waterford is launching its first-ever worldwide annual alumni fundraising campaign — and we need your help. We know that being asked for money is unpleasant for many of you, and we wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important — but it is. The Q&A below will help you understand why we need you to join your friends and former classmates in supporting Waterford.

Q. Waterford’s fees are quite high. Don’t they cover the school’s needs?

A. Actually, the school fees cover the school’s operating expenses of ZAR 65 million. But this does not cover refurbishment of facilities and new constructions. Nor does it cover staff development or scholarships. At present 25% of the annual fee income needs to come from donors and sponsors in order to provide the necessary scholarships.

Q. Waterford gets lots of money from corporations and foundations, doesn’t it?

A. Traditionally, Waterford has been fortunate to receive substantial financial support from a variety of outside organizations. This was especially true during the apartheid years, when Waterford was recognized as a critical example of multiracial education, cooperation and harmony, and a way of exposing the lies at the heart of the apartheid government’s discriminatory philosophy. But in the twenty years since apartheid’s demise, Waterford has faced increased competition for donor money. It has become difficult to obtain large donations, and even harder to get long-term commitments of support. While we will continue to pursue support from institutions, we simply cannot rely on such sources anymore. Moreover, many donors are not willing to give unless they feel that the school’s former students are willing to support the school, also. If the alumni are not willing to help, why should the institutions donate?

Q. I don’t have much money to give. How much are you asking for?

A. We are hoping that each alum can give either ZAR 100, USD 10, GBP 10 or Euro 10. Of course, you are invited to give more, but we want every alum — young or old, wealthy or not-so-rich—to be able to participate in supporting Waterford and its (future) students.

Q. Can ZAR100, USD10 or 10 Euros really make a difference?

A. Yes, it can! First of all, small amounts add up. But more importantly, we want to be able to prove to large donors that our alums think Waterford is worthy of support. The greater the percentage of alumni giving, the stronger our position with large donors. Waterford has never really made an effort to reach out to its alumni and we want to change that. Last year we launched the start of alumni making a difference. And we are inviting you to be part of it. Let us work together to increase our participation rate.

Since August last year there is another reason we ask for your support: Your donation will be matched 150-200% between now and July 31 this year

Our education does not only give students academic excellence. It gives them tools to become active players and thought-leaders in communities, governments and professions across the globe.

Q. If I do give a donation, how will the money be used?

A. Your donation might be used in any number of ways. If allocated to the general fund, your donation could help:

  • Pay for student meals

  • Buy books

  • Buy classroom equipment

  • Support renovations and upgrades to facilities

  • Assist arts programs

  • Upgrade our technology infrastructure

  • Help pay for community service projects

    Click here to see a detailed list.

Some donors also choose to dedicate their donation to support student bursaries: 29% of all Waterford students (at IB level this is 50%) are on either full or partial bursary.

We are grateful for any support that you can give.