Reasons to Donate

Help us create 100 reasons to donate to Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA , in these last 100 days of the Davis Impact Challenge.

Here are some of the reasons that have been shared:

  • Because 100% of all gifts given will be matched!

  • We are a school committed to service. All our students participate in organized service projects.

  • Make Estelle Dlamini

Make Estelle Dlamini's signature "this is your last warning/hha wentani lomtfwana"look

  • “At a time when global politics seems to be creating more divisions and more conflict, the value of and need for a UWC and WK education has never been greater - a small school with a big heart!” -Anonymous

  • It has the best UWC Day!

  • Going to the library and pretending to read, just to sit by the gas heater in winter.

  • Leaving home in a t-shirt,getting to school & realizing you need a winter coat, earmuffs,a scarf and gloves.

  • The time you watched the bus leave you

  • “We were privileged enough, now let’s give the opportunity to others.” - Aadil Patel (WK 03-07)

  • Because of those times in the cattle truck that you didn’t tell your parents about.

  • Because Guedes is the best House

Emhlabeni Hostel Head and Alumnus Lindiwe Dlamini posing with Tony Pontuti during the swimming gala

  • That time you went to Grahamstown

  • We have 66 nationalities represented at WK!

  • Because Michael Stern got in fights in bars in Mbabane defending the existence of Waterford.

  • “Amazing opportunities at WK, and I hope more folks can benefit from them.” - Lucy Delap (WK 90-91)

  • Because the Apartheid regime was so scared of Waterford they built a border between SA and Swaziland.

  • All the times we won the Basketball at Maru-a-Pula

  • Because you wore the maroon blazer

  • Because you secretly loved running over the mountain in PE