WK Reunion in Germany – Travel and Visa Information

Robert Bosch College UWC is situated just outside the city centre of Freiburg. It is easily accessible by train, plane or car.

The reunion officially begins on Friday, July 6, with registration opening at 3:00 p.m. Rooms won’t be available until registration begins. The reunion concludes on Sunday afternoon. You must check out of your room by 11am, but leave your bags with us until 5pm, on Sunday.

By Plane

  • Is easiest via EUROAIRPORT Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which is one hour by bus.

  • Getting from the EuroAirport to Freiburg itself takes less than an hour.

  • The Airport Bus runs almost hourly and does not require advance booking. See this website for details. This bus leaves from the French side of the airport, so when you arrive, leave via the French side. This bus will drop you at the Freiburg Hauptbahnhof. It costs €40 for return fare.

  • Car rental from various major companies is also available at the airport.


  • 270 km from RBC. There is a high-speed train every hour departing at 51 minutes after the hour, train journey approximately 2 hours 10 minutes. For the return journey, trains arrive at the airport at 6 minutes after the hour (and depart Freiburg just over 2 hours earlier).

  • Alternatively, alumni could plan to hire a car together. Journey on direct autobahn generally less than 3 hours (depending on traffic).


  • 140 km from RBC. The train times vary on connections (a direct train only once in awhile), generally around 2 hours 30 minutes.

  • Alumni could plan to hire a car together. Journey on freeways generally less than 2 hours.

  • You can find more information on traveling to Freiburg from other regional airports here.

By Car

  • Take the Rhine Valley motorway A 5 Karlsruhe-Basel, exit Freiburg-Mitte.

  • From the east via the Bodensee motorway A 81 and the road B 31 (Bundesstrasse 31)

By Train or Bus

If you don’t take the shuttle offered from hauptbahnhof, you can find tram information here. We also recommend sharing rides with other attendees. Please use the Reunion Facebook Page to coordinate ride-sharing; we do not have staff available to organize carpools.

Visa Information

You can find a list of countries that require a tourist visa to Germany, and the other 26 states in Schengen, here. Please begin the application process as early as possible, and we will provide you with any necessary documentation

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WK Reunion in Germany

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Registered Alumni
WK Reunion in Germany

  • Tarek Awad (WK 00)
  • Connor Baer (WK 15)
  • Alejandro Perez Eyzell (WK 00)
  • Richard Fenwick (WK 00)
  • Ximena Garcia (WK 01)
  • Pedro Guedes (WK 67)
  • Dianne Guedes (Staff) (WK 67)
  • Lars Kramer (WK 06)
  • Jan Ledochowski (WK 71)
  • Audrey Ngozo Ngozo (WK 99)
  • Anna Pietraszewski-Weimer (WK 06)
  • Tahila Rufat (WK 00)
  • Celisse Ruiz Macaulay (WK 06)
  • Claudia Sarkany (WK 00)
  • Teresa Weimer (WK 01)
  • Viviane Irina Neumann Winkler (WK 06)


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