WK Reunion in Germany – Accommodation, Meals & Arrangement For Children


Most attendees will stay in the dorms in a shared room. Dorm rooms are quadruple-occupancy and have single beds. The houses at RBC have two floors with 3 rooms and a shared bathroom, common room, kitchen and balcony. We will endeavour to accommodate any requests for roommates, housemates, etc. Where no requests are made, we will place people with/near someone they might know.

We have also reserved some double occupancy rooms at a local hotel which is a 10min walk away. These rooms are limited. If you would prefer one of these rooms, please register and let us know as soon as possible. These are available on a first-come-first-served basis where requests are made. If we need this space and no requests are made, we will place people there with/near someone they might know.


Your registration fee includes an evening meal on Friday; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Welcome drinks and limited wine and beer are included at dinner times for adults.

There will be the opportunity for you to inform us of any special dietary requirements on the registration form.

Arrangement for Children

Unless otherwise requested in your registration, children will share a room with parents. Please bring sleeping bags, or inflatable mattresses as needed, for children age 3 and under. You may also opt to pay for your child age 3 and under to have his or her own bed. In the situations of families more than 4, additional beds will be in a room close to yours but will not be adjoining.

We anticipate children will eat the same food as their parents, and we do not provide special meals. You may want to pack your child’s favorite snacks, and if your child has special dietary needs, please bring food that he or she will be able to eat.

We will not be providing alternative activities or child care during the weekend.

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Registered Alumni
WK Reunion in Germany

  • Tarek Awad (WK 00)
  • Connor Baer (WK 15)
  • Alejandro Perez Eyzell (WK 00)
  • Richard Fenwick (WK 00)
  • Ximena Garcia (WK 01)
  • Pedro Guedes (WK 67)
  • Dianne Guedes (Staff) (WK 67)
  • Lars Kramer (WK 06)
  • Jan Ledochowski (WK 71)
  • Audrey Ngozo Ngozo (WK 99)
  • Anna Pietraszewski-Weimer (WK 06)
  • Tahila Rufat (WK 00)
  • Celisse Ruiz Macaulay (WK 06)
  • Claudia Sarkany (WK 00)
  • Teresa Weimer (WK 01)
  • Viviane Irina Neumann Winkler (WK 06)


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