Alumni Engagement

WK Alumni Projects

  1. UWC Hub
  2. Alumni Avenue
  3. Swazi Alum Connect
  4. Worldwide Alum Connect
  5. University Support Programs: Mentorship Program & Ambassador Program
  6. Alumni Series

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1. The UWC Hub:

The UWC Hub is a web platform and mobile app that brings together the UWC community around the world to connect with each other, stay up to date with the many activities happening across the UWC movement, collaborate on projects and causes, discuss and share. The overall aim of the UWC Hub is to strengthen the UWC community, to encourage engagement and positive action, to increase UWC’s collective impact and advance the UWC mission. The UWC Hub is open to alumni, staff and former staff affiliated with all of the UWC schools and colleges, including Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA.

An app version of the UWC Hub is now available and is compatible for both Android and Apple devices.

Log in to the UWC Hub.

We look forward to seeing many of you there! For more information, see the FAQ on the UWC website.

2. Alumni Avenue:

Leave your mark on the Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA campus!

That is right, we are giving you the chance to have your name written on the walls of Waterford Kamhlaba, through the Alumni Avenue. This Avenue aims to encourage giving back to the Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA family, as well as giving you, alumni, the opportunity to leave your mark on campus.

With a minimum donation of ZAR1500, £90, $110, €100 we will place a glass brick with your name engraved on it in the Alumni Avenue. There is no better time than now to donate to WK! With the Thanks a Million Davis-UWC Impact Challenge matching each and every donation that you make, your gift, and its impact, will be multiplied.

For more information, click here.

3. Swazi Alum Connect:

This project aims to reach out to our Alumni that are currently based in Swaziland. This project has two principal aims; to connect with Swazi-based alumni to find out more about their stories post-WK, and also to try and link them with our current students in a bid to help them become more professionally engaged. This outreach project has taken the form of face-to-face, telephone and e-mail interviews with alumni from as early as the Class of 1978, when the school had not even become an IB school yet. We are excited to present our first Swazi Blast!. On this bi-monthly blast, we will feature a few alumni profiles from our local Swazi network. If you are currently living in Swaziland and would like to be interviewed, please contact Banele Nkambule.

4. Worldwide Alum Connect:

Extending out from our efforts to engage with our local Swazi Alums, we would also like to venture out and reconnect with our alumni worldwide! So through our project “Alum Connect”, we will be connecting our current and recently graduated IB students with alumni from their home countries to arrange to meet up, get to know one another and exchange WK experiences. If you would like to be part of this exchange, please email Nolwazi Ngwenyama. – we would love to have as many alumni participating as possible!

5. University Support Programs:

We have begun to put a number of new programs in place to better support our current students through their University selections, transitions into University, as well as better support our alumni currently at University. In order to do this, we are in the process of building a more supportive and connected WK alumni community – and for this we need your help! Please read the more detailed descriptions below to see how you can get involved:

a. WK Mentorship Program: An advising / mentoring network between WK University students and current WK students: This program aims to connect University students and current IB students together over email in order for our students to get a better, more informed, picture of what to expect when going to study abroad as well as more specific descriptions of University life. In addition to this, students currently at University could reach out to older alumni to find out more information about Graduate School options. If you would like to offer your time to be a part of this mentorship program - please fill in your information here.

b. WK University Ambassadors: We would also like to have a WK alum at each University to be an ambassador for the local WK family: This role would involve more regular contact with WK, so we could inform you of new students joining your University. We would hope for this ambassador to be someone who brings the local WK community together at each University, organizes gatherings, and looks out for younger alumni, welcoming them to their University. If you would like to be the WK ambassador for your University – please fill in your information here.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the alums who have already signed up to be part of the WK University Mentorship and Ambassador program. It is so encouraging to see your enthusiasm to further support our growing WK alumni community, and we are excited to see it taking shape. We look forward to the impact it will have on our community!

6 Alumni Series

Are you interested in sharing your experiences and passions with our current students at WK UWCSA? Will you be in Swaziland and available to come up to campus? We would love to have a monthly Alumni Series covering a variety of fields where we bring alumni back onto campus to speak to our current students. If you would like to be a part of our Alumni Series, please email Nolwazi Ngwenyama.