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Community Service

Community Service is a practical opportunity for Waterford Kamhlaba students to make a real difference in the local communities of Swaziland, and to learn the importance of community engagement. The programme brings our students together with people from often vastly different circumstances to their own, which opens their eyes to social issues and the potential to make change. Their experiences shape their ambitions and their priorities, so that when they enter the world of work their choices will be informed by their social conscience. Some of our community service projects are:

Ward 8 – this is a ward at the government that takes care of disabled young people. The students provide personal attention for the children, stimuli and a break from the routine and environment of the Mbabane Government Hospital.

WK Pre school - this is a pre-school on the Waterford grounds. Our students work with the children on fun and creative activities each week.

SOS Sport - Children from a local primary school come up to Waterford to learn and take part in different sporting codes like basketball, volley ball, football and netball.

Library - This involves working in the Waterford library one week and in the National library the next.

Government Hospital Service - Each week our students work in the government Hospital. They work in the pharmacy packing tablets for use in the hospital and for out patients and they work in the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clinic (VCT) helping with the administration of the patients. SOS Support Club- Children from the SOS village come to Waterford each week to receive help with their homework or any subject they may be struggling with at school.

Community Entrepreneurship Development - A group of young adults from a local community come to Waterford to learn business and entrepreneurship skills

Sobhiyozo Pre-school- Our students work with the pre school children engaging in creative and sporting activities.

Mater Dolorosa French - This involves teaching French to a group of Grade 2 children. They teach with games and songs and try to stimulate the children’s interest in French.

IT Service - A small group of students repair and sort out old computers so they can be used again by some of the projects we work with.

Salvation Army - Waterford students visit the Salvation Army to cook for the elderly people visiting the clinic. They also work in the clinic and do occasional home visits to care for the elderly.

Careers Support Initiative - This project aims to empower students in local schools so that they can make more informed decisions about their future direction. They also host a large careers fair during the second term.

Mpolonjeni Soup Kitchen - The students work in the pre-school at the Mpolonjeni Children’s Care Point. They also help to encourage the women in the community to get involved in projects that can earn them a living.

Kwakha Indvodza - This is a male mentorship programme for young men in Swaziland who lack a positive male role model in their lives. Our students help with this programme.

Societies and clubs

Students lead and participate in a number of societies and clubs, whose major focus is leadership and community involvement. They include the following:

Link Group - This is a student organisation with counterpart groups in every United World College. It plans events and themed days at school and is a fully student-led link throughout the UWC organisation.

Model United Nations - The Model United Nations is made of a number of students who devote their time to learn the functions of the United Nations and to fully understanding their procedures. They then collaborate to compose resolutions suggesting the best ways to solve the worlds pressing issues. This can be done in small gatherings within the school or can be dealt with at an inter-school level. It is also highlighted by the voyages taken by MUN teams to foreign countries, where they will take part in a MUN conference.

Leadership Development Forum - Waterford Kamhlaba encourages students to think about change and progress. Through the students’ vibrant cultural diversity, WK inspires students and gives them the hope to someday return to their home countries and challenge the status‐quo. The Leadership Development Forum (LDF) embodies the spirit of change and innovation.

Debating Club - Former student, Fenele Mashwama made global headlines early in the year when he won the globally-appraised World University Debate Championship 2016, becoming first Swazi student to win the prestigious title. Fanele is a former member of the school’s debating club, and it is during his time as its member that he honed his debating skills. There is no doubt that his victory inspired his former peers who are now looking up to him to pursue debating. As current leader of the club, Sivuse Mbingo alludes: “Fanele’s victory took us by surprise. We were in the same team when he was still here, and it had always been a team vision to win. In effect, his victory is our victory, and we will continue where he left off. He has inspired us to build this club.” The debating club is a platform that gives our students skills and opportunity to present their points of view and challenge each other on issues of local, national and global apeal.

Through shared values and passion, our debating club competes in world platforms. Right: Africa Week 2015 gave students an opportunity to debate global issues. Pics: WordPress & Banele Nkambule

Writing Club - The Writing Club is a platform on which students converge their creative thinking and express their views and thoughts in written poetry, articles and other forms.

Read Conversations with my body a compilation of exciting articles and poems authored by members of this club.

UWC Day - UWC Day is a celebration of the diversity of cultures and nationalities represented in the UWC colleges. During UWC day, students, staff, parents and the broader Waterford Kamhlaba family get to show a little bit of what our “home” is like to the rest of the school. It features a parade of nations where people representing different countries step up in their traditional attires and greet the rest of the school in their home language.

Young Heroes - Young heroes is a non-profitable organization that raises funds for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s), to pay for their education, food and shelter, in Swaziland. They also raise money for HIV/AIDS children. This organization is a non-governmental organization (NGO). The Young Heroes Franchise is located in Mbabane, but a small group of students in Waterford help raise money to give to the Franchise.

Global Entrepreneurship Week - This is a celebration of creativity and innovation in business. Each year focuses on different activities, events, speakers and themes.

For more information on the CAS programme, please contact Mrs Fiona Mills, Community Service Coordinator: or Mr Naboth Phebeni:

Students taking part in community service (left), sports (centre) and UWC Day activities. These are an integral part of the learning and life on campus. Pics: Connor Baer & Fiona Mills