What's the most valuable thing about an education? It's not a certificate or a degree. It's knowing that we can. Knowing that dreams can be achieved, no matter where you start or come from. Knowing that peace can be forged, no matter how far apart you are. Knowing that solutions can be found, no matter how daunting the problem may be.

Our shared world faces real challenges. Inequality. Climate change. Movements that divide us. Intolerance. And in Africa, we have the youngest population in the world, with almost 60% below age 25. To address these problems, we need to be united, committed, focused—and prepared.

That's why Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA and the United World College movement exist. Not to give students all the answers, but to give them the skills and confidence to seek solutions and to be positive change makers, in both Africa and the World. Are you up for the challenge? Will you be our champion?

We warmly welcome your interest in joining us.

The Community of Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA




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