Governing Council

The school has a voluntary board, the Governing Council, which meets three times a year to oversee the management of the school. The Governing Council currently consists of: 

  • Elizabeth Arden (Finance Committee)
  • Derek Blackman
  • Ashley Green-Thompson
  • Sibongile Gumbi (WK 83-86) (Ex-officio: Chairperson, WK Foundation of South Africa)
  • Sarah Jane Thompson (WK 83-89)
  • Catherine Hunter (WK 71-77)
  • Michael Linden (WK staff 69-88)
  • Jeremy Lock (WK 78-80)
  • Stephen Lowry (Ex-officio: Principal)
  • Mark Mills (Chairperson)
  • Mfundo Mohammed (WK 00-01)
  • Amanda West (WK 76-80) (Ex-officio: Chairperson, Waterford School Trust UK)
  • Alan Whiteside (WK 69-74)

Invited Members

  • Mbongeni Mkoko (Bursar)
  • Joane De Koning (Deputy Principal: Academic)
  • Kate Doyle (Deputy Principal: Pastoral)
  • Annalie Koekemoer (Staff Representative)
  • Anne Rein Muller (Director: Advancement Office)
  • Tracey Stewart (PA to Principal)
  • Two representatives from the Student Representative Council
  • Representatives of the Parent-Staff Association

Parent-Staff Association

The Parent-Staff Association (PSA) is made of a core group of interested parents and staff who work with the administration to represent the parent community at Waterford. The PSA acts as an advisory body to the Principal and has a representative at Governing Council meetings.

One of the main aims of the PSA is to offer a parent perspective on policy issues, which the administration and Governing Council consider when making major decisions. Other activities of the PSA are to review proposals and allocate PSA funds, to provide input from and respond to parents, to provide general representation and public relations for the school, and to raise funds for the school. The PSA also offers a pastoral function to international students.

To join the PSA, please contact the Chair (Yael Uzan-Tidhar) here:

  • Yael Uzan-Tidhar (Chair)
  • Celiwe Dlamini (Vice Chair)
  • Debbie Gomes (Treasurer)
  • Wendy Green-Thompson (Secretary)
  • Stephen Lowry (Principal)
  • Kate Doyle (Deputy Principal)
  • Sally Greaves Brown (Staff Rep)
  • Yael Leizer
  • Dominic Mayiga
  • Frances Pang-Gilman
  • Jan van Rÿswÿck
  • Jenny van Rÿswÿck
  • Galit Torgeman

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest level of student governance within the school. Their duties include organising school events, reporting student grievances to the school executive and providing a two way medium of communication between students and staff. The current SRC is composed of the following students:

Joint Presidents

  • Simon Lowry IB1
  • Bantfubetfu Dlamini F4


  • Fabio Cavaliere IB1

2017/18 SRC: Simon Lowry, Bantfubetfu Dlamnini (joint presidents) and Fabio Cavaliere (Secretary/Treasurer)