Latest Newsletter to Parents

Newsletter 25/2014                                                                                                          19 September 2014

New Travel Documentation requirements in South Africa

It is with some relief that the new immigration regulations for South Africa have been postponed until June 1st, 2015.  We urge parents and guardians to use this time to get all papers in order.  If your child will be under the age of 18 as of June 1st, 2015 they will need the paperwork referred to in my previous newsletters. 

Choir Performance on Saturday

A reminder that the WK Choir will perform at the Checkers Community Church on Saturday, September 20th at 7:00pm.  Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

Form 3 Boarders outing to Badplaas

The Form 3 boarders will go on a trip to Aventura Resort Badplaas departing today at 3:00pm and returning on Sunday September 21st.  They will be accompanied by Ms. Owuor who is the head of the junior hostel together with another two teachers to supervise.

Community Service - 3 Reserves MTB Classic

Our Community Service Programme has started again this term with IB1’s already busy with their projects. This weekend a group of IB students will be working as volunteers at the Swazi Trac 3 Reserves MTB Classic held in the Swazi Lowveld. They will leave this afternoon and return after the race tomorrow. Our students will work as marshals along the route as well as manning the various water points. All the money raised from this event will go to projects to benefit the surrounding communities.

Term Calendar

Please find the term calendar attached to this newsletter.  It can also be found on our website at the following link.

Cool at 13 - an interesting article

All of you (parents and students alike) will understand the adolescent need to be older, to want to be an adult and independent. That is a normal stage of growing up as adolescence is the period of slowly taking leave of adult control in the form of both parents and teachers as children become adults. Of course there is a danger that the process is too fast, with teenagers experimenting with adult experiences dangerously and at too young an age. There is also a danger that children are over protected by teachers and parents and therefore fail to manage the responsibilities of adult life later on. The attached article was sent to me by a parent last term and describes the dangers of the “cool adolescent” syndrome. That’s the one where your children often moan because you don’t allow them to do the things that “all” the other “cool” kids are doing. I found it an interesting read.  Cool at 13, Adrift at 23 -

Reminder: Important Dates

16 October: Mid Term break begins - 12:40pm

21 October: Lessons Resume after Mid Term Break - 8:00am

14 November: Form 5 Graduation - 3:00pm

21 November: IB2 Leavers - 6:00pm

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry