Latest Newsletter to Parents

Newsletter 12/2014                                                                                                                                        April 11, 2014

 Internal Form 5 Applications for IB Diploma Programme

On Wednesday morning the Form 5 students were all given the IBDP application forms together with the policy governing admission to the programme at the College. Parents are asked to please read both carefully in conjunction with the two letters sent our earlier this year, viz.:

  • The letter from Mr Storer dated 29 January 2014.
  • The letter from Mr Keating dated 13 March 2014.

It would be a good idea for students and their parents / guardians to fill in the IBDP application form together, reflecting on the application in the light of these letters and the first term report, which should be seen as an indicator as to the suitability of the IBDP for the student.  The two letters referred to above can be found on our website by following this link:, please scroll down the bottom of the page.

New staff member in the English Department

We welcome Mr Tichawona Muyambo, his wife Millicent and their 3 children.  Mr Muyambo is a Zimbabwean national joining us in the English Department.  Mr Muyambo comes to us from Woodside High School in London.

Drama Production

Last night saw the first of two shows of an adaptation of the famous South African film, Sarafina.  This is a superb student driven production which I would encourage you to attend.  The last show will be on tonight starting at 7:00pm in the assembly hall.  Entry will be E8.00 per person.

Music Concert

There will be a music concert on Saturday April 12th starting at 7:00pm in the Assembly Hall.  The concert will feature the WK Choir, WK Jazz Band and the WK Marimbas.  It will also feature IB, IGCSE and Form 3 Music students.  Everyone is invited and entry is free.

Phoenix Fund

We are delighted to have raised E50 215 so far. We are also pleased that many students have contributed this week and that the participation rate among the students has risen to 36%. Wednesday 16 April is the last day for students to participate and give their tutor group a chance to win a dinner prepared and served by the Principal.

Interschool’s Athletics 

Last week Saturday Waterford successfully managed to defend their title at a closely contested Interschool Athletics Championships hosted by Metropolitan College in Mhlume.  Congratulations to all the athletes that represented the school at the event.

Weekend Sports Fixtures

  • WK will host a basketball tournament on Saturday and Sunday against the Rainbow team from Botswana.  5 other schools have been invited to participate.  Games will begin at 8:00am on Saturday.
  • There will be an U19 1st IX Rugby fixture against Nhlangano Scorpions here at WK.  We have a joint training session from 11-13:00, followed by a game. Everyone is welcome to come and support the team.

End of Term Transport

Buses will depart for Johannesburg at 6:00am on Thursday, April 17th and Maputo at 12:00 on Thursday, April 17th.  Buses will return on Sunday May 18th at the usual times for Term 2.

Reminder: Important Dates

  •  11 April: Drama Production of “SARAFINA”
  • 12 April: WK Music Concert
  • 17 April 2014: End of First Term. Lessons end at 10:00am. Busses depart at 06:00am
  • 18 May 2014: Busses depart OR Tambo and Maputo for return to WK.  Residences Open
  • 20 May 2014: Lessons resume for Second Term

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry