Alumni Giving

Waterford provides a unique education which lays the foundations for its alumni to go on to lead their fields. Most emphatically, Waterford has provided secondary education and facilitated funded university places to countless students whose social and economic background would have otherwise prevented them from doing so. Since the very first year of Waterford, over a quarter of all students have received bursaries, in line with Michael Stern's assertion below.

"No student who shows the requisite ability to be part of this school shall be denied entry on the basis of financial circumstances"

On the 2nd of February, Waterford's first Alumni Fund was launched by WK alumnus and donor Themba Gamedza, on behalf of all previous students. Mr Gamedze presented the fund, in the form of a novelty piggy bank, to 'the current and future bursary students of Waterford Kamhlaba' to ensure the economic diversity of the next 50 years of the school. Mr Gamedze pleaded, on behalf of himself and the future bursary applicants of Waterford, that others would join him in his pledge.

2012-02 50th Ann - Hatton  Khama - 044

Follow these links for information on how to give and donor associations giving special recognition to substantial displays of support.