Entrance Tests

Applicants for Form 1 to Form 4 will be asked to write an English, Maths and Mental Alertness test. Please note that we do not take students into Form 5 as this is the second year of a 2 year IGCSE program. For more information on the nature of the entrance tests - for example the topics covered in the Maths test - please click here.

Applicants for our IB program will write a mental alertness test and tests in the three subjects that they wish to study at Higher level. Each individual test lasts half an hour. All IB applicants will have an informal interview and many applicants for the forms may be invited back to school for an interview in view of their results.

The entrance test fee is E200.

Entrance tests can only be written once within one calendar year. Calculators are required for many of the IB subject tests but are not permitted for the Form tests. Past papers are not available.

Subject specialists assess our entrance tests and senior staff including the Principal and Director of Studies review every applicant's results and school reports before making a decision. 


Entrance tests for the academic year beginning January 2015 will take place on campus at 8 a.m. on the following dates:

  • Saturday 15 March 2014 - For the Forms and IB, including Swaziland UWC National Committee Applicants
  • Saturday  5 April 2014    - Applicants to enter the Forms only

All Swaziland-based applicants are advised to test on these dates to avoid disappointment. 

Application forms should be dowloaded and filled in in advance. Application forms can be found here.

Waterford will also hold regional testing on Saturday 17 May 2014 at 9 a.m. in the following cities:

Dar es Salaam - Protea Courtyard

Gaborone        - Gaborone Sun

Kigali               - Lemigo Hotel

Harare             - Bronte Hotel

Nairobi             - Sarova Pan Afric Hotel

We will also hold entrance tests in Mozambique on Saturday 14 June 2014 at 9 a.m at the following venue:

Maputo           - VIP Hotel

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you require any further information.


For More Information

Director of Admissions

Mr John Storer


Admissions Secretary

Mrs Martha Dlamini


Quote Bank


“It's amazing to be honest. It's the best school I have been to and I have been to a number of schools previously"

Josh- Form 4


“Art is another way in which the school allows students to express themselves and is amazing”


Staff Views

"The Devil makes hands for idle work"

Mr Oulton 


“Waterford and the whole of Swaziland has helped me improve my social understanding and has helped me acknowledge the peace here”

Lindo- Form 3

IT Centre

“The IT Centre is the best place to find information”

Akhona- Form 3


“To what extent can you answer a TOK question?”

Disillusioned IB2

Staff Views

"Manage your waste and preserve the environment"

Mr Boycott 


“Its fun while you’re doing it but when the exams come you realise it’s quite complex”

Kasper- IB2

Staff Views

"The kids are awesome"

Miss Hall 

Elangeni Hostel

“It’s very chilled and I love it”

Nomathemba- IB1


“The history teachers are cool and smart. They make history interesting for us”

Greg- Form 3

Emhlabeni Hostel

“Where the sun never sets”

Kasper- IB2


“Work hard, play hard and life won't be hard”



“I do P.E. Studies and the theory is complex and interesting”

Bonga- F4


“Waterford is not an individual experience; it’s a collective journey”

Anesu- Form 4

IB Life

“Its time consuming, difficult, independent and fun”

Salha- IB1


“The academic standards are good. Students should work hard to meet them”


“Numbers are about calculation and maths always gives you the answer”

Anesu- Form 4

Business Studies

"Without business there is no money" 


“Drama pass-marks are too low. It should be 79% and above for an A”

Business Studies

"The epitome of business is eventually learning how to mind your own"

Mr CC 

IB Life

“The entire classroom atmosphere is very fascinating because of all the different religions, opinions and upbringings”

Victor- IB2


“After 7 years of primary, I felt like a genius. After form 1... eish!!”


“It's a journey filled with life's challenges, life long friendships, endless prep and always something to do”



“The sports are very diverse”

Nyara- Form 4

Form 4-5 Life

“It's different because of our backgrounds and cultures, and how we feel as one because of unity”

Tyler D'oris F4


“If you’re not an active person in your spare time, you lose and important life lesson because sport makes you look good, and if you look good you feel good”

Tandza- F5

Elangeni Hostel

“My fellow block residents make me feel at home and extremely comfortable”

Harvey- IB1

Elangeni Hostel

“Elangeni is the most peaceful place at Waterford, it has a good common rom which makes it feel almost like home”

Shephard- IB1


“The beauty, the culture and the respect all make up Swaziland. Peace and tranquillity are what define Swaziland”

Sisekelo- Form 5


“I love PE. I just thought it was a nice time to bee a group of Form 5s doing something I like, sports”

Naomi- F5

IT Centre

“IT is essential for us to understand the technology and how to grasp onto it”

 Likhwa- Form 3


“Life at Waterford is full of hectic fun but above all it's tough, because there is so much to do and never enough time. Many things can be changed but never will be”

Derek- IB1


“The people are accepting and friendly”

Sisekelo- Form 5


“I think History is fun but it’s a lot of hard work. Teachers make it interesting and I think it is important because history sometimes repeats itself”

Ryan- Form 3

Staff Views

"If you want to make a chocolate cake, its better with chocolate"

Mr Alexander 


“Geo is a very interesting subject and it’s very useful to use in my future career”

Terence- Form 3

Emhlabeni Hostel

“The boys side is a brotherhood”

Amilcar- IB2


“All play and no work made Jack a very stupid boy”



“The mountain and the people make it spectacular”

IB Life

“I think the greatest challenges are time-management, activities and deadlines”

Sofia- IB2

Emhlabeni Hostel

“Theres always something that distracts you, its good”

Sofia- IB1


“I think it is full of different experiences which are brought by diverse cultures”

William- Volunteer

Emhlabeni Hostel

“We are the world”

Suzanna- IB2


“Art is a way in which students can express themselves and be able to actually do what they are passionate about”



"You do not have to understand, just study"

Connor, Form 5 


“It's a mixture of diverse cultures where everyone comes with their own story and background, which comes together and forms a society where you are not judged because of where you come from and who you are”

Ncobile- Form 2


“Science grades are a bit too high on grade standards”


"Economics is the best thing ever!"

IB2 Student 

Emhlabeni Hostel

“A mixture of fun and stress, hostel is the place where you try to find the balance between work, sleep and friends”

Chikwa- IB1

Emhlabeni Hostel

“Its all good, very sociable, everyone is connected”

Tapiwa- IB2

Elangeni Hostel

“Elangeni is like home”

Michael- IB2


“Art is a chance to express your inner feelings, a chance to express things that you cannot describe using words”


Elangeni Hostel

“I just love it here”

Peniel- IB2


“There is so much to do in such a small environment”


“20 years from now it won't matter what shoe size you wore, all that will matter is your education and how you've used it”

Nombuso- Form 4


“I think Geography is a useful subject if you want to learn about the environment. I enjoy it very much”

Michaela- Form 3


“Science is on a good level for new students coming into the school”

Min Jun- Form 2

Life Skills

“Life Skills helps you understand people and the way they work”

Natasha- IB2


“Expression of inner creativity and imagination”


Elangeni Hostel

“The name says it all, place of the rising sun. Spectacular view from your block with a tantalizing sunrise, every morning”

Tomer- IB1

Staff Views

"Genius without education is like silver in the mine"

Mr Churchyard 


“How do you know what you think you know?”

Thabiso- IB2


“Spanish is a challenge compared to IGCSE, you have to work really hard”

Tanaka- IB1


“Through art I can scream without even saying a word”



“What I like most about Swaziland is the beautiful scenery and the people because they are so polite”


IB Life

“Its interesting, challenging, time-consuming and sometimes beautiful”

Relebohlile- IB2


“The environment is great in Swaziland as well as in the school and I’ve made a lot of friends”


Form 4-5 Life

“Life in Form 4 has more freedom because there are less subjects and more free time. But it also comes with a challenge which is the bigger workload”

Troy- Form 4